Commercial Cleaning Options:

RoxieQ Cleaning Services, LLC offers cleaning services to offices of all sizes. We clean, dust and vacuum all areas. By using Green Products, when we clean your office we provide you with a healthy environment to work in.

Employee’s low productivity and poor performance can be the result of building related illnesses and by using Green Products, that follow environmental standards help to reduce chemical exposure to both cleaning workers and building occupants. Indoor air quality is affected by dirt, dust, and chemicals that we put into the air. Through the use of Green Products you will be providing a better service your employees and your company.

Why Chose Us?

 . Evening Hours

· Weekend Hours

· Supplies & Equipment provided at no extra cost

· Fully Bonded

· Recurring Cleaning Offered (weekly, monthly, and etc..)

· Free Estimates


For prices and free estimates please feel free to contact us at 862-368-0674

Residential Cleaning Options:

 · Oven Cleaning

· Refrigerator Cleaning

· Wall washing

· Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

· Vacuum Draperies

· Vacuum Mattresses

· Cooking

· Wash and Fold Clothes (*if washer and dryer are on the premises)

· Change sheets and fix beds


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