Quotes I can breathe again! This is how I felt upon meeting Linda and Bari for the initial consultation. I contacted them after becoming overwhelmed with taking care of an elderly family member as well as working and caring for my own children and husband. The affairs of my home took a back seat. They came in and assessed my job without judgement and put a plan in place to return. When they returned shortly thereafter to begin the job I could feel the pressure being released upon their arrival. When they left, my home was returned to a state of nirvana ... a place it hadn't been for some time. It's like a new home and everyone immediately felt the difference. They performed a thorough job in every room and with such a great attitude. I felt so comfortable having them in my space. What a great service they provide. It's more than just a cleaning .... its peace. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning service. They are phenomenal! Quotes
Mrs. C
Satisfied and Grateful Customer

Quotes I'd like to thank Linda and her team for helping my mom out as part of the Cleaning for a Reason program. Linda was very professional and personally followed up on every visit. People like Linda make a difference. Quotes

Quotes I would like to thank Linda and her Husband for doing a great job cleaning my home! I couldn't have done it alone again thank you and many blessings!! Quotes
Carol Caldwell

Quotes I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda for approximately 18 years and not only is she a wonderful friend, she is also a powerful business woman. I have watched Linda's progress for almost two decades and have seen her raise two wonderful kids, achieve her dream career, purchase her own home and most recently, create her own cleaning business. I highly recommend Linda's cleaning service because RoxieQ has displayed professionalism, reasonable pricing and a thorough job that has continually kept me using her services. I know that Linda will be successful in growing her business because she has proven to be a woman of great character and has outstanding business savvy. July 16, 2010 Quotes
Sharon Newkirk-Wells

Quotes Linda is an outstanding and dedicated individual who's focus is to not only getting the job done, but getting it done right! She goes above the call of the task and puts in the extra effort to learn a new methodology of improving a business idea and break the plan down to the smallest elements and analyze the pro and cons on what will be lucrative or a stumbling block and how it will benefit the business to improve a process. Ms. Farid is a leader with business-mined person that see to it that the plan is executed to the utmost factor and I would certainly have the honor to work with her again in the future. January 13, 2010 Quotes
Raymond and Monique Caldwell