Managing the Details:

There are a lot of choices for cleaning services out there today and each one offers their own level of services and promises. With the hope of being invited into your home and providing you with the best possible service, we hope to gain your satisfaction and respect.  We know that you will love the job that we will do.

Before potential applicants ever wear the RoxieQ name and uniform, we carefully screen them to ensure you that you will have a team that is honest and  truly dedicated to providing you with an exceptional job.

Depending on the services that are rendered we can provide more than one team member.   We make every effort to assign you the same team each time we visit your home.

Your home isn’t the only place that RoxieQ can provide you with outstanding and dedicated service. Our office staff handles all of the paperwork and management details so that you don’t have to. We handle the social security, federal, state, and local taxes for our employees.

Our services are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied please notify us so that we can correct any issues promptly, at no additional cost to you.


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